Friday, August 9, 2013

High 5 for Friday!

Well today is my last full day with my kiddos. Then it's the weekend and they go back to school on Monday. Talk about a whirlwind crazy summer. I didn't have much time to blog balancing 3 kids for 50 hours a week, but now I am ready for routine.

Anyways I am liking up again with Lauren Elizabeth for High Five for Friday!

 photo H54Fbutton-1_zpsa7aaa665.png

1. I completed these lovely canvases to go in my bathroom. I am hoping to buy the frame to go around them at Hobby Lobby today. I am completely re-doing my bathroom but it's going to be a slow process.

2. Some last minute crafting to get ready for school. No matter what they love when I pop out of no where and say "I Have A Craft Idea!!!" I hope they never lose their excitement.

3. Posted this picture on Instagram (@thenannyjenny) and it blew up with likes and comments. Nothing like a Welcome Fall Party pre-planning which is what I have been doing all week. Can someone say crazy fall lady?

4. Took the goofballs to the Aquarium today, which meant tons of fun and laughs. Story behind this picture is that we were in the Penguin encounter where you can get up in these little peek bubbles or whatever anyways, tight spacing and I was holding W, we ended up just laughing as I clicked away. I love us.

5. I posted this joker last night in preparation for Fall after deciding that I didn't want to do a Bucket list but a baking list. You can click over to here to see my post.

Happy Fridays Everyone.



  1. Love that fall is almost here!! I want to make a fall baking list too! haha it's a great idea!

  2. Nannying is so fun! I just accepted a new full time position (42 hours/3 days a week... psycho) and can't wait to get to know the little guys! :)

    Happy Friday!

  3. I love the picture of you with the kids at the aquarium! Its obvious these kids meant a lot to you and vice versa!

  4. Fall is my favorite season... I guess I am a true Oregonian in the fact that I love the rain and cooler weather. Great picture of you and the kids. I do daycare out of my home and I love the excited looks I get when a craft project happens.