Friday, August 16, 2013

High 5 For Friday - Fall Preview!!

I totally had nanny brain last night and forgot that I needed to bake a pound cake for a birthday shindig tonight. If you know me, and I feel like you all do, I can not just get a box and throw it together, this has to be hand made. Luckily we have a friend in town, Beth, and so we were going to be staying up to chat with her, so I figured why not. Well many an issue arose and I was about to be over this cake when it turned out great, and we got a funny mac book photo session in.

Without further ado I am linking up with Lauren Elizabeth for High 5 for Friday.

This has been a busy week I feel even though the kids are all back in school. But hooray for Friday!!

1. I made the kids German Schultutes for the first day of school with goodies and treats in them, and they were a smashing hit! 

2. I made Shrimp Skillet, and as I continue to eat it through this week, it just gets better and better, will definitely be making this healthy dish again!
3. This is Lindsey, she is my roomie and one of me best friends. She is the crazy who moved up to Atlanta with me when we only knew 1 person. We have had many an up and down but right now God has us in a fantastic season. Anyways she decided she wanted to go back to finish her Bachelors and get her that degree. She applies to Arizona State University for their online program and was accepted. I am so proud of her and I know she can do it!!

4. I was looking for a new read and someone mentioned this around me one time so I looked it up and it looked like something that would peak my interest. I don't read often but when I find a book I like I can't seem to put it down. That's this book, it is so good, I am already 100 pages in and I just bought it yesterday, crazy!

5. This is Beth, myself, and Lindsey at about 12:55 last night while I was waiting on my pound cake to finish baking so we can go to bed. This is the only normal picture we took of the 100 all together. The others turned out all over the place with many a surprises and oh so much laughter. I love these girls!
Now its time to get to the grind, gotta run into the big ATL to get some stuff done and get home before those beautiful children get off the bus and we head to our favorite ice cream place for Fun Friday!!

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