Thursday, August 8, 2013

4 Days!

That's how long I have left with my lovely kids until they all go back to school. A will be in 4th, S is going into 1st and my W man is starting Kindergarten.....holy cow. How did they get to be so much older? When I started W was 4 and still had a year of preschool left, man how time flies. I am sure many of you are wondering what is going to happen to this nanny when all these kids go back to school. I sure wondered that to until my bosses put my mind at ease and assured me that my job is still what it has been, just more of errand running during the day time. Basically I will do any and everything they need me from 8-2:45 and then I'll get the kids off the bus and hang out with them (more like shuttle to every after school activity imaginable) until I get off at 6. It's definitely going to take some getting use to, but I am sure the routine will kick in soon enough.

With that, this is the last full week of summer for my kiddos and they are super sad, I mean I would be too when you have the best nanny in the world hehe. We are spending it doing whatever the kids want which is a bunch of random stuff. It also entails last minute things to get them all prepared.

The girls got their hairs cut because they were looking a little scraggly. 

 Yesterday it poured like a monsoon outside so I did a craft with the kids and we talked about going back to school.

First I took pictures of each kid standing, and printed them out. 

Then they each got a sheet of white construction paper and some crayons and were told to draw a school and write "I'm Ready for School" at the top. After they were done with that, they cut their entire body out and glued it in the school. 

We talked about a number of things like what they were looking forward to and what they were scared of, it was a funny conversation but in the end W said "Jenny, I'm really glad we had this talk" to which I just laughed and said "Me too"


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  1. So sweet! Love the creative stuff you do with your "kids".