Thursday, August 29, 2013

August Cara Box!

I love the Cara Box Exchange that Wifessionals puts together every month, but I am excited for the new change to move it to 4 times a year, to let us get to know our partners and put a better box together for them.

Cara Box
I was paired with the lovely Cait from My Life as a Long and had such a good time putting her box together. She is married and lives in Tennessee and loves fall, which I found to be an instant connection. She already has her fall decorations up and actually is part of the reason that I had the confidence to start putting my stuff up already as well. I hope that she enjoyed her box. You can see what I sent her here.

I was also paired with Alissa over at iAManRD. Alissa is engaged and we had a great time chatting over email and getting to know each other. I love following her blog she often posts a lot of great things about eating well and considering I am always attempting to do so it helps me a ton. She did fantastic making my box and I just loved opening my mail to see it sitting there all ready for me!

She obviously caught on to my love for fall which just made me so excited!!!
- Autumn Cling Ons - I know these are for the windows but I put them on the fridge and they look so cute there.
- J stick on letter - not sure where I am putting this yet but I can guarantee I will find a craft to incorporate it soon.

- Fall Oven Mitt and Towel - I got this box the day I was making my Apple Pie so I definitely put both of these to use making a fall treat immediately.

- Candy Corn Lollypop - Who doesn't love a good candy!

- $10 Michaels Gift Card - Speaking straight to my crafting heart, I cannot wait to go and see what I want to get with the gift card, I am sure I will put it to such good use!

Thank you so much again Alissa, I just absolutely loved my box!



  1. A Fall themed box... how fun. I went to Michaels this past weekend and they had SO much stuff on clearance, I hope you get as lucky as I did.

  2. Hope that you liked your box! I'm glad that you love fall as much as I do :)