Friday, August 2, 2013

Oh Pinterest!

Oh Pinterest. How you taunt me with your ways....

I love Pinterest. Don't we all. And by we I mean mostly woman. I cannot remember a time before the beloved Pinterest, oh wait I can. I use to search hours in libraries, craft stores, the Internet, and my brain to come up with fun DIY projects to keep my creative mind flowing and wiggly fingers moving. Now I just sit on my Ipad after a long day with the kids and just click away at projects I hope to one day attempt. Amazingly, I am proud to say that I attempt a good bit of them, but I am hoping to do more.

Anyways, a few weeks ago I sent my August Cara Box to the lovely Elizabeth and the theme was Anchors. I really wanted to make something to put in the box so I searched all over until I found this lovely pin.

I thought it was really cute and knew that it was something I could do! Elizabeth has a beautiful little boy and is a teacher and as someone who has a degree in teaching I knew she would appreciate a bag.

So I got my supplies:

Canvas Bag from Michaels ($1.50 on Sale)
Acrylic Paint ($.69 each $2.07)
Q-Tips (Bathroom Drawer)
Pencil or Pen (Behind the couch)

Total = $3.57 and lesbihonest, I didn't use but a little of each paint so I have some new stuff to add to my stash :)

The first thing I did was lay out the bag on my coffee table and free hand draw the anchor. **I did this with a red pen because I couldn't find a pencil, luckily it turned out ok, but use a pencil if you have one!

Then I poured out the three different shades of blue onto a plate.

I used the Q-Tips to dip in the paint and use to make circle stamps all along the line and inside. I started with the darkest on the bottom and gradually worked my way up mixing colors and blending.


In the end it came out fantastic and is such a good beach or towel bag!


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