Monday, February 3, 2014

Super Weekend

Hello it's Monday! 

I am so ready for this week. Two weeks ago my nanny family was on vacation and so I had the week off to do whatever I wanted. Last week we had the snowpocolypse of 2014 and Atlanta shut down. This including spending a night at work and then having the kids out of school for three whole days. Anyways I am ready for some normalcy again. 

This weekend was spent recovering from the crazy snow week. Saturday was a nice easy day. Friday night I was looking online to see if I could find a farmers market close to my house to go get some fresh produce. I came across and started reading. Basically it's a food co-op that only costs $10 a year. You get a basket of fruits and veggies every week that is compromised of items from farmers markets. The cost depends on the size basket you get and the fruits and veggies vary by season. I loved the idea and decided I wanted to join. 

Saturday I ventured over there and got my first basket ever. They also have a little market where you can buy extras for a great price. I got all of the food below including the yellow basket for $20! 

This was the small basket and then I added the extra apples and the avocado and garlic. I am so excited to cook up some stuff this week to eat. 

I also ventured to Ross to see if I could find a strainer for my sink and then found this basket and banana hanger to go on the counter. 

Saturday eventing I babysat to earn some more money for my trip to Germany in March. I am so excited! I am buying my plane ticket next week and can't wait it will become so real. I mostly can't wait to get my arms around my niece and nephews, and meet the newest one for the first time! 

Sunday was church and baking and Super Bowl! 

I made my apple crumb pie for the party which is always a major hit! 

With my fresh avocados I made some homemade guacamole as well. I haven't mad fresh guacamole in like 4 years so I was excited to make it. It turned out awesome and I was so pleased! I am planning a recipe post tomorrow. 

I watched the game off and on. Mostly just hung out with a ton of cool people. 

Have a great week! 


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  1. look at all the pretty colors! :) thats great that you joined a CSA, I get great prices on produce from a store called Sprouts. Just prepped my meals for the week. Hope this week goes well for you!