Thursday, January 30, 2014

Weigh in Thursday?? - Snowpocolpyse

Well I know it's Thursday. Wednesday was a crazy day for me and thus no time to sit down at a computer and fill all you in on my weigh in this past Monday.

Weigh In Wednesday

So for starters I had all of last week off. Which was good and bad at the same time. Good in the fact that I could rest and work out as much as I wanted. Bad because if I didn't keep myself busy enough I had a house full of food that I thought I could just eat. I didn't do too bad. Most of the week was awesome I got a good few walks in.

The weekend wasn't the best per say. I babysat on Friday night and they ordered Pizza. I have been so use to having my pita pizza and salad as a meal but this was Papa Johns. I figured I could do 1 slice but ended up eating three :( not the best. Then Saturday my roomie and her boyfriend and I went to dinner at a sushi/hibachi place and I got fried rice. Yet again not so good. Sunday morning though I decided to make up for it and go hike the 6 mile loop of Kennesaw Mountain. I got up and did it at about 9:30 and by the end was so glad I did. I burned 1110 calories. So that took care of that.

I realized though that I was sooo hungry and wasn't really understanding it. Then I thought hmm maybe I should look on my period tracker and sure enough it was suppose to hit in 2-3 days. This made much more sense to me because a few days before my period I am insatiable.

Monday I woke up and was a tad nervous as to how the scale would look. I hopped on and...

Starting Weight - 339.4
1/30/2014 - 335.5
Total Loss - 3.9 lbs

Gained .5, considering unwise eating choices and a looming gift from Mother Nature, I will take it! I know the mistakes I made and am so on board to fix them. So far this week has not been too bad. We had the massive snowstorm which caused me to be stuck at work but luckily I have food stashed here for the week so I was covered. We did however make a cake and I had a slice, but it was just one and not 3-4 so that's a win.

I got to go home last night because the roads were much more clear and this morning I was able to make it into work with no problems. I am now ready to get completely back on board tracking and working out. My water intake is pretty good, I need to up it a bit, but I have not had any soda or sweet tea. Only one glass of orange juice in the morning.

Oh and remember how I said I was getting my hair done last week, well I did and I love it soooo very much!

Have a great week!



  1. Good job with such a small gain! Random question: since you hiked Kennesaw Mountain, did you by any chance go to Kennesaw Mountain High School? My cousin did and she is around your age, I think she would have graduated in 2007.

  2. I love your long hair :) I am currently growing mine out after having it short for too long.

    Small gain - under a pound does not count in my mind especially around Aunt Flo time :)

  3. your hair looks great! have a great weekend!