Friday, January 10, 2014

Friday Re-Cap!

It has been a crazy holiday season starting in November with my trip to Florida to surprise my dad and stepmom for Thanksgiving. The kids started back at school this week so everything is starting to return to a somewhat normalcy. I am just waiting for Geek Squad to get here and fix some problems with networks or something, should be a fun morning!

Here are my Top 5 things from the week. I am joining the 5 on Friday link up today!

1. With the rest of the country Atlanta was FREEZING earlier this week. This caused the kids to be out of school for an extra day but instead of hanging around the house we attempted to get out and blow off steam. Taking three kids anywhere though requires so many layers, poor Wyatt is always a good sport.

 2. This past Monday I posted this picture on my Facebook and Instagram and told people that I would be selling these hats that I knit to help pay for my trip to Europe in March. My brother is stationed over there and will only be over there for about another year so I just need to get over there and I need to meet my newest nephew Ben who will 7 months before I get to see him. Anyways you can order your own one of these hats by emailing me at They are $15 and then an $5 for shipping. I can do just about any and all colors. I have already mailed 2 and am working on another right now. I will most likely be doing a post about this next week sometime!

3. This is the fountain as my bosses house and with the freezing temps he looks like old man winter. The kids I look at him every day now, so fascinating.

4. On Wednesday night my pastor asked me to babysit for his two boys and his niece and two nephews. 5 kids? Piece of cake. After all the bigger kids went to sleep I got to just snuggle with this guy. His name is Asher and he is two months old and I adore him so much!!

5. Yesterday marked my 2 year anniversary with my nanny family. I cannot believe it has been two years since they came into my life. I couldn't imagine it any different and can't wait to see what this next year holds in store.

It's a quite weekend of knitting and movies for me. Still need to catch up from the busy-ness of the holiday season.
Have a great Friday!

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  1. Jenny!! Such a sweet picture of Asher! I could cuddle him all day!

    It is clear that you have a gift with kiddos :)

    Have a great weekend, girlie!! Xo