Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Hard Decisions Made Easy

So I posted a while back about my decision to go to Grad School to get my masters. I had decided I didn't want to teach and wanted to be a Child Life Specialist. You don't need a masters to be one but I figured what the hey I might as well since I have a bachelors. I took my GRE, got the scores I needed and applied to the University of Georgia for their program. 

About to three weeks ago I was thinking about what the next couple of years would look like for me. As I got to thinking I realized that I wasn't sure if I really wanted to take two years off of working full time and go back to school. Not only would I be not getting paid I would be in even more student debt. After praying about it I thought it really wouldn't be a good idea. Then one weekend my roomie and her boyfriend and I attended a church conference where the speaker spoke on prophecy. We paired up and just prayed boldly for our partner, mine happened to be a lady I had never met. She told me that as she prayed for me she sensed God was telling her that I was teetering on something and that I knew where I needed to go and that God was going to take care of it so I should go in faith. I cried because I knew exactly what she was referring to. 

The week after I looked on the Child Life Council website to see what I would need to do just to get certified. Since I already have a bachelors I would just need to take a handful of classes, do an internship, take the certification test and I am good to go. I reached schools that would let me take classes as a non degree seeking student and as a distant learner. I found about 7 schools and started emailing contacts to figure out what I needed to do. All of them emailed me back. After looking at costs and how easy it would be to register and apply I decided on the University of Alabama. My brother went to school there, that's who I root for and who just so happened to have a great program for me and an awesome advisor that was already helping me so much. 

After talking back and forth I applied as a non degree seeking distant learner (which means I didn't have to pay an application fee!!) and got accepted. I will start taking classes come this summer and will need 10 or less classes depending on what I have already taken counts for. 

I know that God has had a huge hand in it. I applied to Alabama on Monday was accepted on Tuesday, on Wednesday I told my small group my new plan, and on Thursday I got a letter saying that I was not accepted to Georgia's masters program. It was just confirmation that it was not where I was suppose to be. His timing is always perfect. I am just honored I get to witness it. 

So now I will be working still with my nanny family and taking classes. When I get a job in a hospital the opportunity might arise to get my masters and I might take advantage of it, who knows. For now I am very happy and lookin forward to the future. 

With all that being said Roll Tide Roll. 



  1. I am so stinkin' proud of you...both for listening to the Holy Spirit on all of this and for trusting that the Lord is going to (and is currently) guiding you into the absolute best plan. Love you dearly!

  2. Roll Tide indeed! God is gonna do great things with your life! I'm in a study about the ways God speaks to us and this just makes me more excited. PS I saw my little sister this past weekend and she was wearing the hat you knit! Note to self - blog about Jenny's amazing knitting abilities!