Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Weigh In Wednesday - Sitting In Limbo

Weigh In Wednesday

Boy was this last week absolutely nuts!!! I had one of my best friends come in from North Carolina to go see Demi Levato with me and so while she was here we had to eat at all the best places. The best places usually don't line up with what I am usually eating. On top of that, mother nature was suppose to hit two days ago, but has decided to take her time so now I am just sitting around awaiting her arrival. It pisses me off because all I want to do is eat, and I feel like I cannot get enough food to keep me hungry. I am attempting to keep myself busy but with a nanny house full of girl scout cookies, and mother nature on the ledge, it's not looking too good for the home team.

Our Friend Mallory from St Augustine moved up here to Atlanta this past weekend as well, hence even more meals! We were all really good friends in college and went to the same church, this was the first time we all got to be together in a long while.


I knew that I would gain this week, it was only about time because I have lost pretty steadily for a while. I am realizing how easy it is to slip right back into old habits. Going out to eat here and there can so easily turn into drive through runs and getting back in the cycle again of eating lean cuisines for lunch so that I can have those French fries for dinner. Not a good place to be. I definitely don't feel that great with all the crappy food and my face is breaking out like no one's business. It's so easy to forget how crappy you feel when you are eating stuff your body doesn't need.

Time to get back on the train! My first of probably 4 weddings that I am going to this year is on Saturday. Megan is my friend Kirsten's sister and I got really close with the whole family and am so excited for her and Brian. We are just praying for fantastic weather since it is in a barn in North Georgia. I know it is going to be so beautiful regardless and am so excited to be a part of her day! One of my secret goals this year is to be thinner at each wedding I attend. This is the first one, then I have one in July, October, and probably December. I know I can do it as long as I get back on track.

Without further ado....


Starting Weight - 239.4
2/24/2014 - 230.2
Loss this week - +2.2
Total Loss - 9.2lbs

Gain of 2 lbs....whomp whomp. Knowing everything I ate, it probably could have been way worse. I know that I am holding some water weight in too with mother nature looming. Hopefully next week will be another start of a losing streak. I am considering joining a gym soon, we live right down the street from a LA Fitness and I know that it's a really nice gym. Still debating though if I want to spend the money.

For now I am at home with a sick kiddo, double ear infection, bless her heart. Luckily we have every Barbie movie available to help her heal.



  1. You will get back on track, Jenny! I've had several gains as well, but what I tell myself is that it's always easier to lose those 1-4 lbs (or whatever) than it would be to lose all 9 that you've lost already. Keep up the good work--you can do this! (And man, that's a lot of weddings, it sounds super fun though!)

  2. It's okay! This is real life! The important thing is that you acknowledged it and are moving on! You've got this!

  3. If the gym has classes that fit your schedule, I highly recommend joining! They motivate me (even though I get a little self conscious). Thanks for sharing your journey!

  4. Sorry about the gain but you'll get back on track! Just keep focused and keep up the good work!