Thursday, September 5, 2013

Reading Aloud

I have a degree in Elementary and Special Education which I think is a main reason that I got my current job as a nanny. Not only did they have someone to look after the kids and take care of the house but someone who is qualified to help in any way or manner with homework and schoolwork. Now all my kiddos are in school, Kindergarten, 1st, and 4th and the homework is starting to get ramped up.

We stay busy in the afternoons. The kids get home off the bus and they have a check list on the fridge that helps to know everything they need to do before being able to play, watch a show, or have their Ipad time. It has been a life saver and it causes no fights because everyone knows exactly what they should be doing.

Yesterday W, my kindergartner brought home one of those Scholastic flyers where you can buy the books. Can I just say I get all giddy when I see these flyers. They have great books that are quite popular for dirt cheap prices, and I always drool. While Pinteresting last night I cam across this

Luckily for me my kiddos have a large library in each of their rooms and so we have numerous books to choose from when it comes to reading. What startled me the most about this pin was the fact that kids stop loving books in 4th grade because parents stop reading to That makes so much sense. I love a good book especially one on tape, just being read to and getting to listen is fantastic.
I have decided that I play just as much a role in these kids lives and I need to start reading more and more to them. I took that Scholastic book flyer and found a few chapter books, and plan on reading a chapter to the kids everyday when they get home, while they eat their snack. Here are the books I am starting with.
Charolette's Web
Sideways Stories from Wayside School

Stuart Little
The Trumpet of the Swan

I am going to attempt to do some crafts with each book as well because we all just love some crafts. I can't wait to tell the kids when they get off the bus this afternoon.

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