Monday, September 9, 2013

Coming Off the Mountain Top

Woah. This weekend was amazing and I really have no words to say about it, but at the same time I have many.

Basically the run down of my weekend was10 women, who all love Jesus, who all love each other, and whose heart is for the community of sisterhood in the body of Christ, spent time in the presence of their maker by experiencing true transparency and joy through one another.

If you were raised in a Christian community like I was, you know about the problems that come with Christian Sisterhood. So much comparing, so much time spending gossiping about the people who claim to be the closest with. Who can serve the most times during a Sunday at church, who can be involved in the most stuff, who can get the best awards, and who can be noticed by the most people. As I have gotten older I thought it would go away, but I have come to realize that it doesn't. At 23 years old I see it now and it makes me sad, and it was turning away from a faith that I believe in and love so much. Until I met The Crescendo.

Back in June I was at church on a Sunday talking with a few friends in between gatherings and I overheard a friend talk to another friend about where they were meeting for bible study that week. Ever since we moved to Atlanta I have been craving a bible study to get involved in with women my own age and stage in life. As I heard them talk and the other girl walked away I looked to my friend and asked if she knew of any bible studies that I could get involved with. She was so kind and told me about the one she was in and that they met on Wednesdays and were about to start the book Captivating by Stasi Eldredge. I was stoked, but scared at the same time. I decided to go anyhow, I had a few copies of that book and took it with me to work and once I got off headed down to the house we were meeting at. After all the ladies got there I introduced myself and started to get to know the group. In the weeks to follow the group shifted with people coming in and people heading out and eventually we got a consistent group going of about 10-15 a week.

I spent the next few months growing and learning with these women. Every Wednesday we would meet a different house and laugh and talk about our weeks and then dive into the study we were doing. It was so raw and real, every topic was an open topic and no one was "better" than the others, in everyone's eyes we were all on the same playing field. Broken girls who love Jesus and want to help each other and cheer on each other as we learn what it means to be a woman who is truly in love with Jesus and seeking him in her every day life. Eventually we wanted a name for our group and after reading about women being the masterpieces and The Crescendo in God's story of creation we decided it was the best fit for us.

About a few months ago we talked about planning a cabin trip just for a girls weekend, to get away from Atlanta and get to spend time with each other. No agenda other then have fun and love each other unconditionally, and boy did we. Our cabin was located in Tuckasegee (Tuck - a - see - gee) North Carolina on a mountain. We had to go down a gravel road and then a really steep hill to get to the cabin, so to say that it was secluded was an understatement, but we loved it. We were unprepared for what God was going to do through each other and the time we would spend at the Crescendo Cabin.

We spent the entire weekend, eating, chatting, talking about topics that are rarely brought up in groups of women. We kayaked, canoed, and row boated. We jumped off the dock and went swimming in the lake. We watched football and Pocahontas. We played Apples to Apples. We had an ice cream sundae bar, and Monkey bread for breakfast. We took naps in the hammock and attempted to see the sunrise over the mountains. We danced and sang our hearts out, and we sat out under the stars and freaked out over spiders. We were girls, women, who enjoyed each other's company and through that got to see the heartbeat of God. There was no jealousy over people's relationships, there was no annoyance over the way someone did a certain thing. There was no gossip about what she did or she did. It was a beautiful thing and one I don't see quite often. It was a breath of fresh air and something I had never experienced before.
How do you get 10 women of varying ages, races, lifestyles, jobs, journeys in life, families, and etc together without any of the problems women are known for? Jesus. But not just any Jesus. We understand individually and as a group that our number one calling is to Jesus. To be him, and love like him, and care for each other like he does us. It puts on all on the same level. In that instant we are not white, black, married, single, dating, employed, in school, well off, struggling, thin, or curvy. We are sisters and we love Jesus and we love each other.
It has changed my view on relationships. It has changed my view of my creator. If this is just a glimpse of what true community can be like, then I want it, all of it and nothing less.
You can have that too. Get over yourself, and start loving others unconditionally. Don't worry about what someone else is doing, that's not something you are to be worried about. Stop comparing yourself and realize that the way God made you was intricately designed that no one else could be made. When you start loving others with no expectations, you truly get to experience Jesus and then others will follow that lead.
That's true community.
Here are pictures from the trip :)


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