Tuesday, September 3, 2013

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

It's September 3. Wow. Time continues to just fly by each and every year.

September brings happiness to all of the world, I think its because it leads into fall and that in turn leads into Thanksgiving and Christmas. The last 4 months of the year are my most favorite.

This weekend was cray cray. Friday night I started off with taking the GRE, it was a crazy experience and you can read the story here. Story made short, I got the score I needed after having to take the test 30 minutes late, the next step from here is getting all my stuff together to apply to all the grad schools and getting accepted!

Even though it's been 5 days since I took that test I am still recovering, it hasn't hit me yet, but I think that has to do with some headaches I have had.

It took me all the way to Sunday to realize that what I had was a caffeine headache....oh no. I had to stop and get some coke on the way to church to offset the pain. I cam up with this Ecard because it just made perfect sense to me.

someecards.com - I need a Coke... Stat!
I spent the better part of Sunday and all of Monday on the couch, just resting and getting ready to go back to work. I loved not having any really big plans, I had a couple but they got thwarted by some pain I was having. Milo and I had the same idea both days, and this is how you could find us.
Over the weekend I got all of my Fall Decorations up since it is finally September! I love how the house looks and smells. There is cinnamon everywhere and when you walk in it feels like a home and not just some random apartment which is what I have wanted.
I bought most everything at JoAnns, Michaels, Walmart, and Goodwill, but I made the FALL blocks that sit up by the owl. This is above our bar area that looks into our kitchen.
Here is how I made them.
I got all my supplies, all I needed to buy was the letters, the blocks, and scrapbook paper.
What you need:
4 Wooden Blocks
Scrapbook Paper
Hot Glue Gun and Glue
Paint Brush

I next took the scrapbook paper and cut it to fit inside of the wooden block. My paper was too short so I decided to leave the top undone and did something with it that you will see later on. After I cut my pieces of paper I got out my Modge Podge and painted it onto one side of the wooden block.


Then I placed the paper exactly where I wanted it and brushed another coat of modge podge right over that, making sure I got it good around the edges.

While you let the modge podge dry (it dries clear, don't you worry!) get our paints and the letters out. I had the paint in my craft bin so I decided to use all of the fall colors I had, and just painted each letter a different color. I only needed one coat and this stuff dries fast.
Then I played around for a bit and decided which letter would go on each surface. After that I hot glue gunned those letters onto each block. I knew the top would be left open so I grabbed some ribbon also from my craft bin and glued it across the top as well.

Then I made a bow and glued it on the top as well. I did this for the rest until they were all finished.

I placed them up next to Mr. Owl and they looked fantastic!!! So easy to make, I think I was watching Legally Blonde while I made them.
This morning I got up to go to work and went into my bathroom and this was in there.

It's a thank you note with some flowers in a huge mason jar and some fall room spray from my roommate and her boyfriend. I helped them out with some things this weekend and so this is what they gave me in return. I am someone who loves to help out and I never expect anything in return so when something like this happens I cry of course and feel so blessed to have people in my life like them.

It's a 3 day week for me, so let's do this!



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