Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Lollipop Cake

September is a busy month for me in nanny world. Not only does Labor Day kick us off and the kids baseball/softball games come into full effect, my youngest two, W and S have birthdays. They were born 51 weeks apart, not even a whole year, one week to the day shy of a year apart. So that means that they will both be the same age for 1 week.

W is turning the big 6 this week and it's crazy to think of him as 6 when I started with him he was only 4 and now he is turning 6. This is the second birthday I have spent with him and it's crazy.

W is a sweet sweet little boy who loves nothing more then some good conversation and his teenage mutant ninja turtle van, oh and a good hour on the Ipad every day.

One thing that sets him apart from any other child I have ever met is that he does not like dessert. Like no cake, cookies, brownies, ice cream, etc. Nothing appeases him except for Lollipops and Starburst. Fairly simple, until you go to tons of birthday parties and he'll just have the gold fish snacks cause he wont eat the cake. Last year we got a birthday cake for him and he got to blow out the candles but everyone else ate it. This year mom and I wanted to do something that would be for him.

I have seen many a lollipop arrangement made and sold online for 30-50 dollars, but I figured all I needed was the supplies and I could recreate it. So without further ado, my Lollipop Cake.

Supplies -
*5 inch Styrofoam Ball
* 1 Bag Starburst (Candy for Jar)
* 6 Bags of lollipops of any variety (As you can see I had an extra bag of starbursts and was short 2 bags of lollipops to begin with)

First you put the stones in the container to help give it some weight and to make it look pretty good. 

Then put whatever candy appeases you in the base of the jar but you need to leave about an inch of space at the top so that the ball can sit inside it. 

Place the ball on the container and make sure it is set in there and that there are no candies causing it to be lopsided, you want it pretty even.  


Start at the bottom and do 1 row at a time all the way around of lollipops, make sure that they are right next to each other and that you can only see a minimal amount of the Styrofoam.
Then continue to work your way up, you might need to use a little bit of arm effort to get them in there when some of the other sticks get in the way, you could always try a new angle as well.

Keep going until you cover the whole thing.

Take some ribbon and wrap it around the top of the container and then if you used curling ribbon like I did curl those ends and make it look oh so cute.

Mom and I are debating whether to show it to him today or wait until his birthday, either way I can't wait to see his face. This is his first ever birthday cake that he gets to actually eat.
 Just a photo of me and the birthday boy for good measure.

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