Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Finish the Sentence

I love this link up so much and am so glad that it is back, it's always fun to go around and read other people's responses.


My happy place is most definitely in a cabin on the side of the mountain. Luckily I just got to experience that this past weekend and cannot wait to do it again sometime soon!

Whatever happened to people who know how to drive.... I feel like every time I get out on the road I realize that more and more people drive like idiots. I probably fit in that category as well though.

So what if I decorated for Fall way too early, it's ok, as long as Starbucks busts out all of their pumpkin products I am justified.

E! needs a reality show about bloggers. The Lifestyle of the not so Rich and the not so Famous. It would be a hit.

My go-to fast food meal is usually Chick Fil A #1 with extra pickles and a coke, or McDonalds chicken nuggets and a coke.

You might not know that I was deeply depressed and suicidal when I was in high glad to have moved passed that and live such a happy life right now.

The hottest quarterback in the NFL is someone I would like to see, because honestly I don't know names haha.

If I could lose about 50 pounds automatically I would be super excited, I have so many cute outfits I want to wear!

My personality is awesome because I laugh at myself and everything else as well, usually people end up laughing at my laugh, I tend to find the comedy in most situations.

Twerking is ew.

I think it's super gross when people don't know how to dress appropriately before leaving their house. Please spare us all and at least put on something that resembles pants.

Someone needs to tell Miley Cyrus that she should be Hannah Montana again, I liked her.



  1. Agree on the reality show on bloggers.

  2. Sign me up for that "losing 50 pounds" thing. I could get on board with that. ;)

  3. I agree with the's like they don't have a mirror...
    thanks for linkin with us!

  4. I am so glad you are not depressed anymore!! I know the feeling... stay happy, lady!

  5. I love Fall and I say as long as the stores already have their fall stuff out, why can't I?! Hello halloween costumes in August! Where do I sign up to instantly lose 50 lbs?

  6. Um, what about the fries with your Chicken McNuggets and coke. Please do not say you do not enjoy McDonald's french fries because that's just un-American!