Tuesday, April 1, 2014

10 Reasons I Want to Own a Farm

Hello Party People....

Well it's been a while, March has been a crazy month for me. It started with a wedding I attended on the 1st and continued with my Best Friend's crazy surprise engagement. If life wasn't crazy enough less then a week after that I hopped on an 9 hour flight to Germany to spend a week with my big bro and his family. It took me a week to get back to normal (and eat a good bit of my Germany candy I smuggled back) and now I am ready to get back on track.

Shout out to my friend Madison who follows my blog and ever so lovingly told me last night that she hadn't seen me post in 2 weeks...I gotcha girl!

My birthday is on Thursday as in 2 days. This is crazy to me, I am going to be 24, which means I am just 1 year shy of being the big 2-5 and ready for my quarter life crisis to hit. I think I might go buy a new car...actually a farm. Yes I want a farm for sure.

I posted a status on Sunday on my Facebook about what I think my future goals are and the people loved it!

All the likes and comments got me to thinking about how much I want to live on a good bit of land with a little farm and homestead it up with my big family.

I know you must be thinking, this chick is crazy! What does she know about living on the land??

Well let me tell you something. Over the last 48 hours I have been on a journey to look at all the benefits of living off the land as well as owning a farm. So I have decided to make my top 10 reasons I want to live on a farm in the future!

1. Owning a Barn. Not necessarily for a ton of animals, but because they are just too cute, I am on Pinterest all the time and just look at these pictures...who wouldn't want a cute place to host all the parties I am going to throw!

2. Land and Lots of It. I love land, I love all the unique qualities it gives. I love the possibility of having so much land that I can build all sorts of little buildings and tree houses and forts for my family. And who doesn't just want to frolic in the fields when the suns going down...I do!

3. I Can Wear Over Overalls .... and no one will judge me. I know it's the biggest fashion no-no but I love a good pair of overalls, they are amazing. (Yes, I do own a pair...no I don't wear them in public, only when I go visit my friend's family farm)

4. Chickens, Chickens, and more Chickens. I have been researching Chickens for a couple of months now, even looking into urban chicken coops for the time being. When I live on a farm though, I can have a good amount of chickens and that means lots of eggs for baking and eating.

5. Dairy Cows. I read an amazing article on the benefits of raw milk and then about owning a dairy cow. I think it would be a fun adventure for sure and if anything, I know I will get my friend Brittany up to visit so fast!

6. Room for A Big Garden. I have always had a dream about owning a garden, and tending to it and seeing all the things grow and then using the surplus amount to create new recipes. Also being able to give them to friends.

7. Make all the Pies I Want. Yes, I know I can do this anywhere, but while living on a farm it's almost expected (or at least I think it is) that you make all the pies you can. As well as all the other homemade food items, but who wants those when you can have pie!

8. Vacation Spot for Friends. It would be so much easier to convince my friends who live far away from me to come visit a farm with all the glories it beholds then to try and convince them to come to yet another house in the burbs. Just sayin.

9. Natural Learning Center for the Kids. I love kids, that's no surprise to anyone, with a degree in teaching, being a nanny, and going back to pursue a career as a child life specialist one can say kids are my forte. I want to have 6 children if I am able to. The endless learning possibilities of living on a farm make me giddy. It's definitely a possibility for me to want to home school my kids one day and even if I don't all of the valuable information they will get just living on a farm will be something that I know will go with them throughout their lives.

10. I Can See Myself 80 Years Old on a Farm. I know that I most likely will not get a farm for a while, but I do know that once I own one that it's someplace I can see myself, and my husband growing old. I can see grandchildren coming back to visit and playing on the tire swings. I can see me sitting in the craft cottage whipping up another prayer quilt for someone having a baby. And I can see us sitting in the rocking chairs on the porch looking at the starts because it will be so very clear and being content with what the Lord has done in our lives.

I think it's a pretty good list and a good case as to why I want to own one. I just need to start saving money and find me a man who is willing to be on board!!

What would you want to do if you lived on a farm??



  1. Yesss!! So cute, and obviously well thought out :) Love it!

  2. Having absolutely NO GREEN THUMB living on a farm would be hard considering we wouldn't have things to EAT! Not only that, but Uncle Bob definitely is NOT farmer material...we are city folk thru and thru...but, we would love to come and visit if you owned a farm...You'd have to have apple orchards for sure and peaches and strawberries, just to name a few wonderful things...

  3. I accidentally entered under your mom's email profile, so the above post was for Sue Shisler, Jenny's aunt. I check her email whenever there are things that come up. Sorry for the confusion...