Monday, March 10, 2014

Whirlwind Weekend

As I have mentioned recently. March is an insanely busy month for me, I like busy I really do, but then I sit back and go, oh goodness I don't have time to do sit at home and do nothing!

The first weekend in March I attended a wedding and went to a birthday party. This weekend however is one that is going to go down in the books. It has been something I have had to keep a secret from my best friend. I have had to lie to her face and make up stories while also planning like a mad woman to help a brother out to make sure that everything went according to plan.

My best friend, Lindsey, has been dating her boo thang now for about a year and three months. Braden has become a brother to me. He spends a lot of time over at our house, and since my house is where I am most comfortable he has seen the best and the worst of me, hence just like a brother. Well back in December we started talking about engagements and I told him if he needed any of my help at all that I would be glad to be of any assistance. He knew when he wanted to do it but that it would be crazy tricky. March 8, is Lindsey's late granddaddy's birthday. She was extremely close to him, since we were in Atlanta when he was near the end of his days she was unable to go down to Florida to say her last goodbyes. When he passed she took it super hard. Braden thought it was be such a perfect day to propose to her considering the day meant so much to her.

Lindsey was asked to be in her cousins wedding in March, originally the plan was for the wedding to be on one of the later weekends in March. Then one day the wedding got changed to March 8th. It was hard because Lindsey was upset that she moved the wedding and that it happened to be on Grandaddy's birthday. Braden was confused because he wasn't sure how this was all going to happen amidst a wedding that she was in. After talking to Lindsey's parents they said that he could still do it on that day, and in fact it would be the perfect cover up and she would have no idea it was coming.

So then went the planning of getting the ring, picking out the perfect spot, who was going to be down there, photography, we needed good lighting since it was going to be at night. The ins and out of this whole thing were crazy. On top of that a good bit of people knew and so the tiny stress of someone slipping is enough to make you feel like looney person.

She left Friday with Braden to go down and I said my goodbye as I headed off to work and told her I would see her on Sunday when she got back, hehe. Saturday, myself and Mallory and Katie and Levi all piled up in my car to head down to St Augustine. I had someone lined up for Milo and the plan was in motion. We headed down aware that we were unable to post anything that day just to be on the safe side. When we got down to St Aug we went to Mallory's parents house to have dinner and relax until Braden and Lindsey were downtown having a drink. It was stressful for sure, lurking around and seeming very creepy for lack of a better word. We got to speak to him as they ordered drinks and figured out the finalization of the plan.

He texted us when they started walking along the bay front and we quickly but as quietly as we could followed them along. Dodging in and out of cars popping out to make sure that we didn't miss a thing when he got down on one knee. Mallory is such a fantastic photographer and she was ready to go with her amazing camera to get the shots that would mean so much to Lindsey and Braden.

Finally after what seemed like 20 minutes he stopped and started kneeling, Mallory popped out so fast and started snapping away. The rest of us were behind different cars. Lindsey saw Mallory first and started screaming and clapping but didn't even have the ring on her finger! Braden was chasing her around attempting to put it on there and finally got it on when she saw Katie and Myself, she just stood there saying "I can't believe y'all are here, what are you doing here??" and started crying. She saw Levi as well and we were all feeling all of the emotions. She put everything together and then realized that it was on Grandaddy's birthday and completely lost it. I think at this point most everyone was crying. It was such a beautiful thing. She had no idea and it was perfect.

After a while of hugging and pictures after pictures we went back to her families house where all of her family was waiting with Champagne and Cookies for us to eat. It was awesome. We chatted for a bit and then one by one left to head to bed since it was already rather late and the time change was occurring that night.

The next morning we all met up at church and then at the end they announced that she was back in town and newly engaged. Everyone was so excited. We went and walked on the beach for a bit and waited for the restaurant we were going to eat lunch at to open. After lunch at Mango Mangos we went down town and walked around for a bit before heading back home.

Such a crazy weekend. I can't believe my roommate and best friend is engaged. We haven't been able to spend any time together with the craziness of this weekend but I am sure when we do its going to be so surreal. Now the fun and craziness really begins and she can change her private Wedding Pinterest Board to public haha!

(Side story about my dress...This is my red bicycle dress. It has bicycles all over the dress and is one of my faves. I have surprised people and had some of the best days in this dress. The dress' legacy lives on and I am so glad it does!)

Have a great day!


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