Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Tom and Chee Review

Sooo one of my little known obsessions is the show Shark Tank. I think part of the reason I love it so much is the person inside of me who loves to cheer on people and their products/ideas and another reason is that I like to be ahead of trends like that. The basis of the show have you not seen it is basically hopeful entrepreneurs go on the show in front of 5 gazillion dollar investors and try to get money and a partnership to grow their business/product.

A whole ago there were two guys on the show with their restaurant Tom and Chee, a gourmet grilled cheese and tomato soup restaurant. They wanted to grow and expand their restaurant all over the states. They are really known for their signature doughnut grilled cheese. They got struck a deal with two of the sharks and I was so excited for them. The only disappointing thing was that they were based out of Indiana(?) I think, so I wouldn't be trying any of that goodness anytime soon.

Then a miracle happened and I found our that they were going to be building their first ever one here in the south, low and behold they were building in my town of Kennesaw, Georgia. To say I was excited is an understatement. My friend Madison and I bond over Shark Tank and especially over Tom and Chee. Once we knew they were coming we started following their Facebook page to get updates on when it was going to open. The official opening day was last Wednesday, April 9. We were unable to go that day so we planned on the 10th. 

The day finally arrived and we had looked at the menu online and were so ready to get some of that goodness. Once we got there we stood in awe at the menu board and just the fact that something we watched happen on TV was right in front of us, we were in a way star strucked. 

The menu was full of so many options. I was tempted to get one of the dessert like doughnut grilled cheeses but since we were there for dinner I decided to get a regular grilled cheese. After going back and forth I finally decided on the Flying Pig, a sandwhich on white bread with turkey, bacon, pickles, and Gouda. I added a perfect sized tomato and basil creamy soup dipper and some chips and a drink. Let me talk about that dipper, it's only like a dollar fifty and it really is perfect for dipping that sandwhich. I am not the biggest fan of tomato soup but this enabled me to have some without too much. Brilliance.

It was a little busy in there but it was only the second day and we were willing to wait for the goodness. Finally my food was placed before me. 

As you can see I was a little excited and bit right in before I even took the picture. It was heavenly!!! Everything was so warm and the cheese was melted perfectly. I could taste the butter on the outside of the bread, and dipping in that Little Dipper was just icing on the cake! 

I took one of the to-go menus with me just so I could stare at the options and am planning to take a trip back soon. I really want to try one of those doughnut grilled cheeses for sure! 

Over all, it was awesome. I would recommend it to anyone.

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