Thursday, April 24, 2014

Preparing for Summer

Well the Summer is fast approaching for this nanny, and that means it is time to kick it into hyper drive and get my stuff together. This year has been a major adjustment for me because my youngest, W went to Kindergarten. That meant some major changes for this nanny, but not really. I still work 8-6 but I don't get my kids until they get off the bus at 3:00 and then it's the million after school activities we have until I leave and do it all again the next day. The one thing I really miss is having my kiddos home and having time to do arts and crafts and go on adventures. But in one short month they will be home for a while and we will get to pack in as much stuff as possible.

Last year I attempted themed weeks which worked for about half of the time but then with life and camps, and vacations kind of fell off at the end. The kids asked if we were going to do the same thing this year and we were really pumped about it, so of course I said yes and let the pinning and planning begin.

The first weekend of summer I happen to be spending with the kids so mom and dad can take a romantic getaway for their birthdays. I am so excited and the kids are as well! We haven't made any plans yet but I am sure there will be many a talk about all the fun adventures we will have in the solid 48 hours I spend with them. Luckily, that Monday afterwards is Memorial Day so I will get to rest before gearing up for the first week of summer.

I printed out my calendars on paper so that I could have something to carry around and make me feel more organized. I also printed out weekly pages with slots for me to write exactly what we are doing each day and the supplies we will need.

The other main thing I plan on utilizing this summer is our bulletin board. It sat upstairs in the hallway for about 2 years before I changed it out right before Thanksgiving.  I have decided it is going to be the place where I put what our plans are for each week and then also put up pictures and our summer bucket list, which we are going to be working on soon.

I made this amateur drawing on PowerPoint and printed it out to execute. 

This is the final product! 

Consists of 3 main areas. 

1. The Bucket List- I got these cute tags on sale at JoAnns and the kids and I will write things we must do this summer and as we do them we will take them down.

2. The Theme and Activities, every Monday my plan is to come in and post the weeks theme and some of the activities we plan on doing. 

3. Pictures - the kids mom loves pictures and so do I and the kids. We will pick a few pictures every week to put in this area. (Yes I know that pictures is spelled wrong...but I fixed it haha) 

I have big plans for this board, so get ready to see a lot of it this summer. 


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