Wednesday, October 23, 2013

So What Wednesday!

So What If I....

Not a fan that for the third time this week I came to work with a kid still at home, two days of sickness was ok, this third one...come on now.
  • Am forcing everyone I am buying Christmas presents for to tell me what they want, I got to get ahead of the game!

  • Had spaghettios and grilled cheese for lunch two days in a row, the kiddos are sick and that's what they wanted, I'm just trying to get in the spirit.

  • I haven't made that much more from my Fall Baking List, I recently made this pie last week so that counts right?
    • Am a tad bit upset that I want the Iphone 5s in Gold but it is on back order for 8 weeks for Sprint.... maybe I'll just have to settle for the silver phone. (And I know I know that it wont matter because you're just going to put a case on it. Hello my name is Jenny, and I like my phone to be naked [insert gasp])
    • Am wayyyy over excited that one of my best friends and the girl I mentored from college is coming into town tomorrow. Abby is probably one of my most favorite people and is doing her thing in Seminary but is going to take a break out of her busy life to come and get her Southern Girl on with me at the Country Living Fair.
    • And on that note I am definitely going to have some good cash money (because of a recent answer to prayer) that I plan on spending on old antiques and stuff. Gotta keep up my grandma reputation.
    • I got around to making this cute blanket for my nephew James with the help of this fantastic tutorial that you can find here from Happy Together. I can't wait to send it to him for Christmas.
    • Am freaking out over this photo I posted on Instragram a couple days ago... come December it's gonna get a little crazy in my life. Orlando, Florida. Phoenix, Arizona. and Beaver Creek, Colorado?? I think I'll manage :) 

    It's hump day and bible study day and now only one sleep till my Abby arrives. And I only have 4 more hours or less of work!


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