Monday, July 1, 2013

Pre-Vacation Weekend

So it' Monday afternoon and I am sitting in bed with this view right here....oh yes

Did I just get up? Heck to the naw, my body can't do that anymore. The family I nanny for is on vacation this week in Colorado and I am house/pet sitting. So it's me and the big scary house with two dogs, 1 bunny (1 ran away on Sunday morning, not my fault, so I am keeping an eye out in case she decides to wonder back.), 3 fish, and 2 frogs. What what! But anyways I got up and took one of the dogs on a walk and then worked out again, had lunch, watched some TV, and went swimming. This is the plan all weekend long until they get back Friday evening. Here are some pics from my walk with Chester this morning.

Let's see Friday evening I was suppose to go a Collective Nights but after a very full week I decided to head home and go to bed, and by 9pm I was out. Nothing like being 23 on a Friday night, falling asleep before the sun goes down.

Saturday I got up and went running and then proceeded to make some Salads In A Jar Southwest style, which you can find over here. They were a pretty big hit with my friends so I made a whole post about them on Sunday morning.

Saturday evening we had friends over to help raise money for a friend of ours who is out on the World Race through AIM. She is doing 11 countries in 11 months and left in January and we sure do miss her, but she needs some more money to stay on the race so we got some people together and helped her out. The pictures below are of brownies with cream cheese frosting and then my roomies boyfriend eating sad brownie. I love that kid, he's like a little brother I never had and he always comes over and eats pie with me.

Sunday was a crazy day in my world. I went to church like normal with all intentions of going back home and packing before heading over to pet sit for the week. I worked with Devan in the morning at church in Passion Kids and then went and sat on the front row for the 12:30 talk that I was hearing was an Ah-Mazing one. I was really excited. After worship I sat down and looked at my phone and had a missed call and voicemail from my boss and then messages from my brother, sisters, and dad.

I texted my boss to make sure everything was ok and she told me the bunny was missing in the morning and if I could go up to the house and check to see if I could find her. Then I went to read my messages from my family only to find out that my Great Grandfather had passed. I knew that I needed to leave right away to get into contact with my family but I was sitting on the front row at church, and it is soooo rude to get up in the middle of the talk. So it finally got a point where I just got up and left, praying that no one would judge me as I practically ran out of the building.

After getting out and getting on the phone with my dad I found out that he passed at 4am with his Son by his side. He leaves behind a wife, 5 sons and 1 daughter, and then an numerous amount of grandkids, great grandkids, and two great great grandkids. He served around 30 years in the Marines before retiring and starting a legacy. My Pawpaw is retired marines, my dad is retired army, and my brother is stationed in Germany right now as a helicopter pilot in the army. I remember visitng them when I was a kid. After a while they moved to Surprise Arizona to a retirement community and we would visit as often as we could, he let me and my brother drive his mustang convertible when I only had my permit. They would always take us to the pool in their golf cart, and I loved looking at all of the pictures of their family and the legacy he still leaves. He was a part of the Gideons who put the bibles in all the hotel rooms and lead bible study up until he got really sick. They were married for around 60 something years and he was in his upper 80s. I will miss him dearly but have so much peace that he is with Jesus now.

I will not be able to make it to his funeral but that's ok, it's life, and it happens. This is my first grandparent to pass in my life that I remember and had a relationship with. I still have my great grandmother, my pawpaw and his wife, my grandma and her boyfriend, and my mom's fantastic parents. I am so blessed to be 23 and have had so many people help mold and shape my life.

Last night after I got to the house I watched some TV before coming upstairs to lay down for the night. This is Annie and Chester, the two dogs, oh and the new project big screen that got put in down stairs...yes spending a good bit of time catching up on shows.


I am really excited for this pretty quiet week that lies ahead of me. I love the 4th of July, as you read, I am a part of a very patriotic family and this country means a lot to me and my family!

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  1. nice weekend!

    great blog you have,love the background :)

  2. I am so sorry about your great grandfather! Your family is in my prayers. Is that Sunday's Braves game on that huge screen? My husband, his brothers, nephew and mother in law were there!

  3. yes yes yes! LOVE that you are excited about getting internet as me - you can't live without it, right!? Glad you had a great weekend!