Thursday, July 11, 2013

Lotto Daydreaming

I'm sitting at Monkey Joes. Thank the Lord it has Internet and I have my laptop. 4 hours of entertainment for the kids and time for me to get lost in blog world and study some more for the GRE, yes please!

Anyways I am linking up with Holly and Kristie for the If I Won the Lotto!


I have played the lotto, I do it on occasion, these days I'll just take a good couple mil.

1. If you know me you know the first thing I would do is invest 1 million of that joker in a high interest savings account, so that it can sit and make me even more money! Tithe 10% because if I won it was obviously because Jesus had a hand in it.

1. I would get all necessities out of the way, pay students loans, credit cards, and any other "bills" I have. Buy a house for mom and pay for my sisters college, so they don't have to deal with student loans like I did.

2. I would buy land and get my friend Patrick to help me deign and build our dream cabin that we can rent out and then have to use whenever we want to.

3. I would get over to Germany ASAP to see my bro and sister in law and my niece and nephew and would take my sweet time traveling to see my friends who will be living over there too.

4. I would probably subscribe to every mail subscription box I can get my hands on. I mean who doesn't just love some mail, especially when it's stuff you'll only use 1. But I don't care cause I got tons more where that came from!

5. I would get a personal trainer and personal chef to make the right food for me to eat, so then I can get healthier.

6. I would buy more calories to eat....oh wait, you can't do that? I wish I could so then I could eat Fried Pickles all day every day.

7. I would gather all my friends who lived all over the place and get them together for one big Jenny's Friends Reunion, where you ask? Disney. Duh!

8. I would probably go crazy nuts buying gifts for everyone because I'm the weirdo at Christmas Time who gets more joy out of watching others open THE perfect present I got for them as opposed to my own gifts.

9. Buy a cute cottage, three bedrooms. 1 for me. 1 for my crafts. 1 for all the lovely guests who want to come and see the cottage. Then I would invite all of my friends who live far away from me to come visit.

Yeah I think that's enough for now. I'm not asking for too much ;)



  1. Haha, I loved the comment about buying more calories to eat! Investing and paying off car/student loans are what I would do too! We play as a pool at work when it gets big, lol.

  2. I want a cute little cottage too!! Sounds perfect.