Tuesday, July 9, 2013

My Brain Hurts

Have you ever been so tired that you just cried for no reason....yeah me to. I was at dinner with my friend Kirsten last night and just started crying in the middle of our meal, after 2 minutes I was fine. Thanks mother nature and lack of sleep.

Yesterday, I came back to work after my week of doing absolutely nothing. It was a normal summer day in the life of this nanny other then the fact that on top of working now, I am also studying to take the GRE in August. Now I graduated college in December of 2011 and even then my last semester was student teaching, so I have not really done any "studying" for over two years. Let me tell you. My brain hurts, like I can feel it hurting.

I ended up buying the GRE for Dummies book for only $4 on Amazon, who doesn't love a good deal, and my friend Melissa sent me this fantastic little package with 500 of the most likely to be seen vocabulary words on the GRE.

Vocabulary and the verbal section are what scare me the most on this test. I love math, it comes to me naturally somehow I got that part down cold and numbers just come to me. But put a reading passage about biology or physical science and ask me to answer the insanely hard questions....no thank you. To help with that I am focusing a lot on the verbal section and mainly vocabulary. The status right now is 20 learned and 480 to go. I am attempting to learn 10 a day and put it in with the ones I have learned already. So in theory when the test rolls around I will have around 500 words in my vocabulary. Of course they are words no human ever uses except to sound like a pedant (someone who shows of learning [new vocab word!]).

So anyways that has been my life for the past week. I am so glad my kiddos are back, they are all still sleeping right now because they are still on Colorado time. I took them to go see Despicable Men 2 yesterday and they loved it so much, it was my second time watching it and I liked it just as much the second time. We also got the Despicable Me 2 Operation game so the kids played a long round of that in the afternoon...of course I wasn't allowed to talk, or breathe according to them. They need silence to get all the pieces.

 I am not sure what we are going to be doing today, probably some crafts and maybe going to a play place since the rain continues to linger around. Our theme this week is Oceans! Should be fun, we a trip planned to the Aquarium later this week, and many other things as well.


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