Friday, February 10, 2012

Red and Pink and White and Hearts and Bleh

Valentines day is coming next week, four days from today to be exact. Normally that would mean that I would just change out the random basket I kept in the living room of my old house in Saint Augustine and then getting something from mom. The actual Valentines day is just another day really, I just know that I can look forward to all of the candy being on sale the day after. This year is a little different, being around 3 children as my job requires I come to realize how much I forgot about all the festivities that go on at school. One of my kids is in second grade and the other two attend a three day a week preschool, so in the midst of homework and craft projects I realized that we had to go get Valentines for three classes with three kids who have very different personalities.

I decided the best place to take them would be target because lets face it, its a lot cleaner then Wal-Mart and I knew that I could trust the cart with the child seater thingy to be something the kids would love. Normally I have just the two younger ones during the day but I soon realized how much a third, older, much more opinionated child can change the dynamics. We got our buggy and got in the store, which in and of itself took an effort with only two seats and three get the picture. We ended up back in the Valentine section which I immediately got overwhelmed but decided that these were the kids classes so they had complete control over what they wanted to do, which was something they loved entirely. WJ was the first to pick out the Cars Valentines with lollypops as he eats no sweet other then lollypops (no cake, ice cream, cookies, brownies, etc. he just doesn't like them). Next it was SL turn and she decided on Tinkerbell which was not a surprise at all and they included lollypops as well.

Now we turned to AG who I knew would be the most challenging. While we were driving to Target we got into a discussion on how she needed to buy two packs of Valentines because girls do not like boy valentines and boys vice versa. I told her no, that they would have to suck it up and that she would be able to find something that everyone would like and that no one really cares about the Valentine itself but the candy or toy attached to it. After we went back and forth a little more I told her that she could blame me if anyone had a problem with it. I ain't scared of no second graders, bring em on!!! Jk. She ended up choosing paper airplane valentines which I am sure everyone will love because at 21 I thought they were really cool. She did however want to do candy with them so we grabbed a bag of Kisses and some cute goodie bags. She was pleased and so was I. Today we lined everything up and got every bagged and twisty tied and put in bags and are all set for three different parties on Monday.

Let the festivities begin. For now I will resort to watching The Vow by myself. Just another day in the life of a nanny.

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